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photo of Divi 3.0I’ve been using Divi 3.0 for the past few weeks now and can say that it is the best WordPress editor UI there is. Is it perfect? Not yet. But it’s a giant leap forward for designing and editing websites in WordPress.

The Visual Builder is exactly what we’ve all been wishing and waiting for. It let’s you edit the front-end of the website. No more having to guess how things will look by typing into the back-end content editor and then switching back to viewing the front-end to see your results.

The Visual Builder works best for the simple edits you need to make all the time: For example, making text changes such as adding or editing text, changing text styles and event fonts is so easily done just by clicking into the text and making your desired changes. Intuitive formatting menus magically appear right where you need them. It’s so easy.

My second favorite feature is the ability to duplicate modules or delete modules right from the front-end. It makes building out a prototype of a new website really easy and fast. For developers, Divi 3.0 is awesome too. You still have access to the Divi Builder “back-end” so you can easily customize the more complex module settings using this editing option. I find that I end up using the Divi Builder view when updating Custom CSS settings and more complicated formatting issues.

And last but not least, I love the Divi Library feature. Being able to load saved modules to new websites is such a blessing and a timesaver. I always make sure to save my favorite new module settings to my Divi Library so I can reuse my best work again and again.

There is no need to look any further. Divi 3.0 is hands down the best WordPress premium theme available. So customizable and now so easy to use. And so easy for me to work with my clients now. I just Skype with them and share my screen and I can edit with them in real time suing the Visual Builder.