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I’ve started using the Menu Swapper Plugin on my WordPress websites that feature a one-page design.

On the Home page, all the navigation links (except the last one) take you to a section within the Home page. The last navigation link takes you to extra information on a separate web page (such as the Blog page).

This is where the Menu Swapper plugin comes in handy. Instead of repeating the same navigation menu (that is on the Home page) on the interior web page, you can swap it out for a unique navigation menu.

Take a look at this website, for example. Clicking on the Blog link from the Home page navigation menu, takes you to the Blog page.  You’ll notice that the navigation menu on the Blog page is different than that on the Home page. It show’s “Blog” first as the active link, and then provides links to the other full web pages on the website (“Home,” “Portfolio,” and “Praise”).  This makes more sense than displaying the Home page navigation menu that contains links to internal sections of the Home page.

The plugin is easy to set up.  In the Menu Swapper settings, just enter a slug and then name the new menu location and save the settings.  Then in the Menu settings create the new menu and assign it to the menu location you just created in the Menu Swapper settings.  The last step is to go to the Edit page screen for the page that you want to add the new navigation menu. From the Edit page screen, select the Primary Navigation menu as the menu you want to swap. Then select the new navigation menu as the menu you want to replace it with.

I recommend you give Menu Swapper a try. I’m betting you’ll like it as much as I do. Menu Swapper gives you more flexibility with designing user-friendly navigation menus.